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College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

American Optometric Association (AOA) - Children's Vision also check out the AOA's - Parents and Educators

Eye Care Council, Inc. (check out See to LearnĀ®)

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association International (NORA)

Optometric Extension Program (OEP)

Parents Active for Vision Education (PAVE)

Vision Council of America (VCA) - Check Yearly, See Clearly

Prevent Blindness of America

American Academy of Optometry (AAO) - Binocular Vision, Perception & Pediatric Optometry Section

Policy & Position Statements by the American Optometric Association & the American Academy of Optometry

Link to All AAO Position Papers in Word format


  • Joint Statement on Vision Therapy by the AOA and AAO
  • Vision, Learning & Dyslexia
  • Children and Contact Lenses
  • Optometric Care of the Patient with Acquired Brain Injury

Links to all Clinical Care Publications by the AOA

includes the following in the Pediatric and Binocular Vision Section:

  • Position Statement on Optometric Vision Therapy
  • The Need for Comprehensive Vision Examination of Preschool and School-Age Children
  • The Use Of Tinted Lenses for the Treatment of Dyslexia and Other Related Reading & Learning Disorders
  • Vision, Learning & Dyslexia - A Joint Policy Statement of the AOA and AAO
  • Joint Policy Statement on Vision Therapy by the AOA and AAO
  • Virtual Reality Games and Children's Vision

Vision Therapy

National Network of Optometrists - Pediatric Eye Care & Behavioral Optometry

Vision Help.Com

Washington Association of Optometric Physicians - discusses Undiagnosed Vision Problems Affecting Learning

3D Vision - Vision Therapy & Visual Health

Children with Special Needs

Children's Vision Information Network

Vision and Reading

Vision and Reading by Drs. Douglas and Lisa Cook

Vision and Learning/Developmental Disabilities

ADD/ADHD, Vision & Learning

AllAboutVision - Learning Disabilities

Vision Therapy: A Developmental Intervention for Developmental Disabilities

Visual Guidance/Developmental Activities

Eyes on Track - A Missing Link to Successful Learning

EyeCanLearn.com - How Good are your Visual Skills?

Visual Perceptual Activities from Barbara Smith, OTR

Do2Learn.com - Supporting Special Needs

Informative Sites

Eyehelp.com - Public service from the California Optometric Association

Health on the Net - Vision & Eyecare FAQs

Be Wise About Your Eyes (video from AOA)

HowtoLearn.com - Articles on Various Subjects including Reading and ADD

Resources (Financial Aid for Eye Exams, Glasses, Vision Therapy) for Underprivileged Children

InfantSee Program


Lions Club International Vision Program

Insight Vision Center

Oregon Foundation for Vision Awareness


Giving Vision

California Vision Foundation

Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program

National Eye Institute Links to Financial Aid for Eye Care


Special Education

Center for the Study of Autism

LD Online - Guide to Learning Disabilities

Gifted Development Center (pioneer of the Visual-Spatial Learner concept)


Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)

Council of Parents, Attorneys & Advocates

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Reference Lists Online

COVD Research & White Papers

OEP Referenced Articles

Eye Resources on the Internet - Association of Vision Science Librarians

Scientific Studies on the Relationship between Learning, Reading, Vision Therapy, and Vision Disorders

Links to Non profits dedicated to helping children by the Connecticut PTA

Ferris State University Vision Science Links

Incredible Vision Center's Articles Page

Optometry Schools & Research Programs/Literature

Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Ohio State Optometry

Optometry School Vision Therapy Clinics (partial list)

University of Houston, College of Optometry Eye Institute

The Eye Institute of Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Southern California College of Optometry - Studt Center for Vision Therapy

The Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry

Pacific University College of Optometry

Michigan College of Optometry

The Eye Institute at NOVA Southeastern University

Indiana University Optometric Clinic

Illinois College of Optometry Eye Institute

State University of New York Optometric Center

Berkeley Optometry Clinic

For Fun

UC Davis Cranial Nerve Palsy Eye Stimulation Page (requires Shockwave plug-in)

Interactive Visual Acuity Chart

Make your own Puzzle to Play Online

Optical Illusions

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Kids Pages


Optical Illusion Gallery by Eyetricks.com

A Perception of Vision




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