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The visual system is a significant part of how we process information and a key factor in how we learn. 

80% of what you perceive, comprehend and remember depends on the efficiency of the visual system.

Watch the video below (click the play button) to learn more -

Special thanks goes out to Mary Barton of Wichita Vision Developmental Center for allowing us to use some of her wonderful graphics for the making of the video!

Can you think of a very bright child who never works up to their potential or seems lazy and just needs to apply themselves? Different methods have been tried, even extra tutoring, but they still struggle. Meanwhile, that bright child is becoming more frustrated, losing self-esteem and may already be feeling a sense of failure.

- They could have a vision related learning problem -

This site is designed to be a resource to help you understand the importance of vision and how it relates to learning.














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