Visual Guidance (con't)


Adapted from:

Developmental Vision Guidance Program

Pacific University College of Optometry Vision Th erapy Services

Activities for 2.5 Years to 5 Years of Age

NOTE: Suggestions by age can be continued for as long as they amuse your child, not just during the weeks given. Think of these activities as building upon or adding to each other.

Vision Developmental Guidelines
Play Material
Skills Developed
2.5 yrs Wheelbarrow (2 types) Bilaterality; Directionality; Coordination; Balance -- Hauling and Dumping
  Tricycle Alternate Bilaterality and Directionality of feet; Unity of hands
  Large Beads for Stringing E-H; Grasp & Release; Specific Fixations; Color
  Clay Modeling (large lumps) E-H; Visualization; Imagination
  More Ball Play Visual Steering & Guiding; E-H; Depth Perception; Tracking; Total arm movement; Space & Time
  Jigsaw Puzzles (6-12 pieces)

E-H; Form; Size; Figure Ground; Visual Closure

  Large Packing Boxes Gross motor; Imagination; In, Out, Under, On (Spatial Skills)
  Soap Bubbles & Pipes Breath control; Pursuits; E-H if popping the bubbles
3 yrs Blocks - All Shapes E-H; Form; Size; Units & Wholes; Color; Visualization; Figure Ground
  Simple Jigsaw Puzzles Right & Left; Rotations; Front & Back; Matching; Visualization; Representation; Figure Ground; Visual Closure
  Blunt Scissors & Colored Paper E-H; Size; Shape; Corners; Curves; Reversal of Direction; Pursuits
  Easel, Water Colors & Crayons Boundaries; Discrete E-H; Bi-Dimensionality; Representation; Visualization
  Hopping, Step on Shadows & Cracks Head to Foot Coordination; Balance
  Ball on String - Push & Catch E-H; Directionality; Space & Time
  Toys with large nuts, bolts, wrench, etc. Parts & wholes; Visualization; Relationships; Manual dexterity; E-H
4 yrs Trapeze & Swinging Rings, See-Saw Bilaterality; Mobility; Coordination; High & Low Space
  Gardening & Carpentry Tools Directionality; Monolaterality; Visualizatoin; Tridimensionality; E-H; Combining; Short & Long; Fixations; Finger Dexterity
  Doll Clothes, Buttons & Button Holes, Store Materials (boxes, cans, paper, money, etc.) E-H; Closing & Opening; Imagination; Creativity; Visualization
  Finger Painting; Doctor & Nurse Kits; Golden Stamp Books; Sticker Fun Imagination; Creativity; Visualization; Motor Planning
  Skipping Gross Motor; Gross Patterning; Cross-patterning; Balance; Coordination
  Flashlight tag, Target practice (bean bag, ball, flashlight, pointing) Directionality; Pursuits; Depth Perception; Spatial Skills; E-H; Timing; Rhythm
  Parquetry Blocks Figure Ground; Size; Shape; Color; Visual Discrimination; Memory
  "What is it?" (feel object in a bag without looking), "Where is it?" (eyes closed & point) Form perception; Visualization; Visual Memory
  I Spy Figure Ground; Visual Discrimination; Visualization; Localization
  Blink game -Tachistoscopic (brief exposures) with toys & familiar objects Visual Memory; Speed of Recognition
5 yrs Jump rope, Milk carton bowling Motor coordination; E-H; Rhythm; Timing; Balance
  Memory Game Matching; Visual Memory; Localization
  Hole in cardboard Focusing flexibility (look from picture to TV)
  Chalkboard drawings (big circles, lines and pictures) Arm Rotation; Bilaterality; Body-vision Coordination; Form Perception; Centering


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